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What we do

HiELCC was started in October 2016 in Hiroshima, one of the first National Strategic Special Zones, to support a healthy employment environment for startups, global entities, and others. HiELCC staffs its helpdesk with experts, like lawyers and social insurance labor specialists, who are knowledgeable about employment and labor and are active in Hiroshima City.


Employees and employers, persons in charge of personnel and others, can easily consult with ourexperts about employment rules free of charge. There may be hidden employment risks in your company too. For both employees and employers, it is very important to avoid in advance the occurrence of any problem by preparing a robust employment environment. The time to seek advice is when you re-do your employment agreement or employee rules, and also when you start to think about employment. HiELCC can help - from discovering potential risks to making a responsive plan.

Our service

Consultation on employment-related legal issues

■Quick advice on employment-related legal issues at our counters

■Advanced consultation in a room


Attorneys counseling at your office

■Lawyer or social insurance labor specialists visit your office individually

■Provide advice according to actual situation


Seminars by renowned lecturers

■Held every month

■Seminars by attorneys and experts with knowledge of labor rules